Random thoughts about KERA: March 2013

Published February 16, 2013 by kyokax

So I was complaining about how Kinokuniya doesn’t bring in Girl’s Style in advance.. well they do for KERA ❤ So I have the march issue with me now hehe! Although, I think the June issue must be out in Japan by now……

photo 1

For those of you who don’t know, KERA is a Japanese fashion magazine specializing in Harajuku lolita and punk style. Now, I’m actually not a fashion person- my sense of fashion is like non-existent lol. To be quite honest, the only reason I bought it is because when I went to Kinokuniya on 30 Jan they didn’t have the Feb issue of Girl’s Style and I didn’t want to go back empty handed.. bleh here I am complaining about Girl’s Style again. Stahp, me :< In any case, most of the clothes in KERA are reaaaaaally expensive (usually 8000 yen and up) so I suppose it’s for the better I don’t try to emulate them?

First off, let me introduce my idol Akira ❤ Akira is like, my favourite Japanese model. Actually, she’s the only Japanese model I know/recognize in pictures. Here’s a few of them ;D

photo 2(1)

Akiraaaaaa ❤

photo 5

She’s damn pretty omg. Those cheekbones ❤ I wish I could look like her but I’m ugly as shiet 😦


Anyways, this issue of KERA has a section in the middle with basic makeup tutorials for various fashion styles, like Romantic, Innocent, Older Sister, Cool Punk, etc. I was seriously reminded of Tokimeki Memorial Girl Side’s fashion system while reading this 😀 Since I’m an unfashionable bodo, I’m not going to be using these makeup tips, but some of the makeup was really nice to look at 🙂 I like Innocent, in particular:

'Innocent' makeup

‘Innocent’ makeup

And I also thought the Party Queen eyes were really cool, even if the overall look was quite freaky:

'Party Queen' makeup

‘Party Queen’ makeup

And Akira was the model so of course I loved Neo-Japanesque and Cool Boys.

Soz for bad picture

Soz for bad picture

For the whole magazine, here were my favourite outfits:

Favourite Punk outfit:

photo 4(1)

It was always going to be Akira.

Favourite Lolita outfit:

photo 1(1)

I tend to like the frilly lolita dresses more, and black is one of my favourite colours 🙂

And my least favourite:

photo (7)

Bleh just idk man. It just doesn’t work for me. It’s not ghastly, but it’s not good, and most of the other stuff in KERA is really good.

Oh and this is random but there was an ad for Vistlip inside ❤

photo 5(1)

I love Vistlip ❤


Random thoughts about Dengeki Girl’s Style (Feb 2013)

Published February 10, 2013 by kyokax


Cover is Urakata Hakuouki. It features a new protag and mostly new cast.


It comes with a Hatsukare drama cd! This is undoubtedly the best freebie I’ve gotten since I started buying GS (which admittedly wasn’t that long ago. Last Dec.)

I’m pretty pumped about it- this is actually my first ever drama cd! Not that I didn’t have interest before, but my japanese listening skills suck so I thought it would be a waste of $10 if I were to buy any s: I’ll probably give this a listen tomorrow.


There’s also a free Starry Sky poster. I do love me romanceable teachers so yur ❤

Apart from that there was also a Brothers’ Conflict calender but I gave it to my friend.

Now, for some games that caught my eye~

UtaPuri All Star! Quite a few pages of coverage this time round. Apparently there’re 4 senior routes, 2 teacher routes and 1 “rainbow route” which requires you to clear the previous 6. I’m not actually very sure what the “rainbow route” entails:  A harem route with all 7 of the guys from the previous games? ?_? (Don’t quote me on that one e_e)


For the senpais, we have:

Ai Mikaze (green hair, top right): Character design suggests he’ll be a kuudere. He’s also “hiding a big, dark secret” apparently.

Camus (bottom right): Royalty of some sort. Is “冷たい” to people so.. tsundere?

Reiji Kotobuki (bottom left, brown hair): He looks a bit plain ._. He’s the dedicated, mature senior.

Ranmaru Kurosaki (bottom left, gray hair): You probably can’t see this from the picture, but he has eyes of different colour (one red, one purple). That’s pretty cool xD

photo (5)

The teacher routes are of course Haruka’s crossdressing form teacher Ringo Tsukimiya and the “seemingly scary but actually kind” nii-san character Hyuga-sensei.

EDIT: So I realised that covering Girl’s Style is pretty useless because by the time I get my issue from Kino the next month’s issue is always out in Japan with new & more info. Bleh. Why you like that Kino? Why you no bring in issues earlier 😦

Random thoughts about CANDY CRUSH SAGA

Published February 10, 2013 by kyokax

Candy Crush Saga.

Apparently this game’s the coolest shit nowadays. All my friends are playing it. Admittedly, it’s quite fun. Here’s a pic.


Looks a lot like something doesn’t it? Yeah, it’s yet another copy of Bejeweled, except it has yummy-looking candies (I dunno, I find the purple candy really appealing. Maybe I just like purple) instead of gorgeous gems. Oh, and also that it changes enough stuff that I’m very reluctant to actually call it a “copy”.

The most major difference is that Candy Crush requires a lot more strategic planning than Bejeweled. Whilst Bejeweled has you racing against a timer, Candy Crush has you racing against a fixed number of moves per level. So while Bejeweled mostly tests the speed of your 3-in-a-row pattern recognition skills, Candy Crush requires you to spend a few seconds before each move to plan, because you will need to avoid standard 3-in-a-rows as much as possible, instead creating and using power candies as much as possible. Power candies in Candy Crush work exactly like power gems in Bejeweled- you get them when you match four in a row and they explode all gems in a row. Five-in-a-row gives you a ferrero rocher lookalike, which explodes all gems in the level of the colour you match it with. Due to the nature of Candy Crush you will be using the special candies a lot more frequently than you did in Bejeweled.

There are a few kinds of levels: against-the-clock, x score within x moves, drop fruits, clear jellies and more (sorry, i’m still a noob- haven’t cleared that many levels yet!)

Against-the-clock is basically exactly Bejeweled. It’s just, get x score within 1 or 2 minutes. Thankfully, these unoriginal levels are quite rare.

X score within x moves- self-explanatory.

Drop fruits- explode candies to drop x number of ‘fruits’ that appear at the top of the level to the bottom of the level.

Clear all jellies- match candies over the jellies (the white squares in the pic) to clear them. I reckon this type of level is the trademark of Candy Crush and these levels are definitely the most fun out of all.

I like Candy Crush a lot. It’s fun and provides a lot more variety than bejeweled does in the form of its powerups/level types. The only issue I have with it is how often it asks you for money. Boosters cost money, extra moves cost money, extra lives cost money. Happily, you can make do without paying a cent- you can unlock levels and extra lives by asking friends or waiting for them to regenerate at a rate of 1 life per half hour. And boosters are pretty much cheating anyway. Sadly, shifting your phone’s clock won’t work 😦

So basically- if you like or liked Bejeweled, you should check this out. Just don’t buy anything.

(Candy Crush is downloadable from the App store and the Play store. Or you can play it on facebook.)


Published February 10, 2013 by kyokax

So um basically I just decided to make a blog. I’m not entirely sure why, it’s probably because of my recent obsession to several anime/otome gaming blogs that has inspired me to make one of my own. Not that I’ll ever get to the subjects-of-my-obsessions’ level though. As you can probably already see from these few sentences, my writing (and thought process) is incoherent as heck. And actually most of my posts are going to be random thoughts about random media. So this blog is not going to be of very high literary standard and I’m not sure why any random person would want to read this (actually probably no one is) but yeahh this is just going to be a journal of sorts. Maybe, like a scrapbook, in a while the random junk on here will accumulate to become something useful~